Publication requirements

"Gerald of Tver State University. Series: Biology and Ecology " accepts the original articles under the following topics: 1. Physiology (experimental and applied physiology of humans and animals).
2. Physiology of Work (muscular activity, physical labor, mental labor, age physiology (gerontological aspects)).
3. Biochemistry (biochemistry of plants, microorganisms biochemistry, biochemical ecology, clinical biochemistry).
4. Zoology (faunistics, zoology of invertebrates and vertebrates, entomology, parasitology).
5. Botany (floristry, bryology, lichenology, mycology, plant morphology, biomorphology, evolutionary morphology).
6. Biodiversity and Natural Conservation (protected areas, biomonitoring).
7. Interdisciplinary Studies (general problems of biology and biology education, using of physical and chemical methods in biology, ecology and biomonitoring).
The journal also accepts short notes under: Chronicles, Jubilees, Obituary. The publication for the graduate student and the Editorial stuff are free of charge. The article should not generally exceed 7 pages, formatted according to the Guidelines. Larger articles with reviews or discussions are published by the decision of the Editorial Board.

Articles, presented to the journal, could not be published in other sources. Authors are personally responsible for the originality of the article. Articles are peer-reviewed. The Editorial board rejects the article, which does not follow the topics of the journal. It also sends the article back, if it does not follow the Authors Guidelines. The Editorial Board can change the formatting of the article or its volume without changing the content.

The License Agreement should be filled in to follow the copyright rules. Articles are sent to the experts, who evaluate the possibility of publishing them in the open press. Some data on the article, such as Summary, Key words in Russian and in English, Bibliography, as well as Contacts are published in Full-text versions of the articles are published in If the article is rejected by some reasons, the License Agreement is invalidated.

Submission process

All the materials are accepted solely by email The comment line should contain "Article to the Gerald". The following files are accepted:
1. Text of the article (the file is named by the last name of the first author, f. e. Petrov_text.rtf).
2. Contact details (the file is named by the last name of the first author, f. e. Petrov_info.rtf). Contact details should contain:
– last, first and middle (in applicable) names;
– organization, zip, postal address, position;
– scientific degree;
– phone and email.
The corresponding author should be indicated.
3. The scanned and signed version of the License Agreement should be sent as a separate file (Petrov_agreement.jpg). The original should be sent: Chaikovskogo prospect, 70/1, lit. B, Tver 170002, Russia, Editorial Board of the Gerald of Tver State University.
4. Table (Petrov_table.xls) and figures (Petrov_fig.1.jpg or .tiff) are sent as separate files.

When you submit articles, you can use the automatic form for submissions to the journal by filling in the required fields.

After the acceptance of the article 2000 Rubles (for one copy of the journal) should be sent to the account in Sberbank 4276 6300 1210 2664, mentioning the purpose as “Publication in Gerald of Tver State University”. The transfer of the money should also be confirmed by the email, sent to the Editorial Board ( The message should contain the date and time of the transfer, name of the author(-s) and the number of copies desired.